Highest Price?


Buyers will always want to pay the lowest price possible.

As a result, the SKILL LEVEL of the agent will be reflected in the FINAL SELLING PRICE.

SUPERIOR SELLING SYSTEMS that have been developed and fine tuned over many years.

A cohesive yet COMPETITIVE CULTURE, nurtured within the Hayden Sales Team.

INCENTIVE BASED REMUNERATION scheme for the sales team that rewards HIGHER PRICES.

Extensive ONGOING TRAINING of the sales team in negotiation principles and techniques.

A TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS in negotiated transactions.


WHICH METHOD OF SALE IS BEST? (Auction, Expression Of Interest or Private Sale)

The one that will achieve the highest price with the least amount of stress and risk.

Make a SUPERIOR CHOICE, read our Sales Agent Reviews then contact one of our Sales Agents. With no obligation they can help you choose the method that will best work for you.

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