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The real estate market still has significant buyer interest. That being said due to the Covid 19 virus the price you can achieve today is likely to be higher than the price achieved in six months time.

Here is a fact that not many people know – Most homes are UNDERSOLD in this market. The sale process usually result above the Seller’s bottom line but also well below the Buyer’s TOP PRICE.

When you are selling your home, you employ an agent to sell your home for the highest possible price. Many agents use a flawed selling strategy that guarantees that they unknowingly sell below the Buyer’s TOP PRICE.

When making a choice around which agent to use make sure that you also include Hayden Real Estate in your shortlist.

With no obligations we will provide you with clear ALTERNATIVE SELLING STRATEGIES plus a MEANINGFUL SALES GUARANTEE.

The SALES GUARANTEE is your key aspect to sleeping at night. Why would you pay up front for an agent to sell your home without any guarantees? At Hayden Real Estate we give our WRITTEN GUARANTEE to ensure there is no financial commitment from you unless your property is sold.

You can get a guarantee with everything else you buy – why not when selling your home?

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