Melbourne Property Management and Sales

Our Goal: To be recognised by our peers and customers as MELBOURNE’S best PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and SALES AGENCY.

In PROPERTY MANAGEMENT we are the best because we: (a) only employ Senior Property Managers to look after our Landlord’s investment properties, (b) our Senior Property Managers have terrific support – administration, leasing and maintenance. This ensures that they have the time to do the right job,and finally (c) we pay our Senior Property Managers the highest wages in the industry (Content Property Managers go the extra mile for Landlords and have low turnover)

In SALES we are the best because we: (a) Commit to intensive and on-going SALES negotiation training, (b) we offer a meaningful sales guarantee

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Melbourne's Best Property Managers?After Melbourne's recent rain and cold snap we found some more evidence that we really have Melbourne's Best Property Managers going the extra mile ;-)

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